While managing export services, the most important criterion for us is to maintain continuous and good relations with our suppliers and customers in order to continuously strengthen the quality of Turkish goods and to brand our products in all markets with our trust in the right supplier, production site and product. For this reason, we are ready to cooperate with companies that want to export their products to the right markets through our channel.


Due to the rapid development of technology, many companies have turned to imports in response to the needs of new products developed in different markets, especially semi-finished products, machinery, electronic materials, raw materials, where global trade is faster and more effective than ever before. Since the import process needs to be managed correctly, we meticulously complete all stages from product research, to bringing the product to the country, to the control and follow-up of customs procedures with our experienced team.


Our marketing and business development strategies are always aimed at expanding the market network of our customers and establishing an established buyer profile. By using original and different marketing techniques and materials, we support our customers in entering new markets, participating in fairs and in ongoing marketing and sales activities.


We provide market research services according to the company, sector and product group for all markets, especially in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and Turkic Republics.


We can provide all kinds of consultancy services to companies that are interested in international trade and have import-export requests. Please contact us to discuss the details of your request.


One of the most complex stages of the import and export process is the delivery of the order to the buyer in the most accurate and advantageous ways without difficulty or delay, and logistics management.


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Because if you work with us, you will feel our 20-year experience, result-oriented approach, and principles of honesty and sincerity at every stage. Thanks to our many years of experience in international trade, we ensure that all parties, manufacturers and importers buy and sell the goods or products they need and receive them at the right time, in the right way and at the right price. We have a strong manufacturer portfolio in Turkey and combine our competence in export-import management with our reliability and experience, we ensure the satisfaction of all parties by finding the right product with the best quality / price ratio.

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